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Public Space

I was invited to lead a workshop about public space, in public space during Ars Häme 09 in Riihimäke 2009. It resulted in a A 4-day long workshop with students and graduated students from Glasgow, Stockholm, Helsinki and Riihimäki in Rihhimäke.

I told them to work with and at the public space and in a performative way, it became an exhibition, a performance and a catalogue.

Starting text:
Reserved places for more diffuse purposes
Seminar text:

Participating artists: Satu Bethell, Sam Epps, Edwina Goldstone, Lily Johnson, Riikka KIljunen, Romany Dear, Susie Oleczak, Jyri Pitkänen, Hanna Shepherd and Nathalie Wuerth.

ARS HÄME 09 Art Week 11.-20.9.2009 in Riihimäki
A new art event is being organized for the first time in Riihimäki, Finland next autumn. The theme for the event is the changing image of a town, and the focus will be on environmental art and art created from recycled material.

All the events will take place within Riihimäki and will become a unity through the theme and materials; the events will include:  a national exhibition in the Art Museum of Riihimäki, environmental art scattered around the town, workshops organized by professional and amateur artists, as well as art seminars.

The Art Week will have lots on offer: after the opening, art works will be created in workshops in schools, workplaces and various institutions that will be put on show around the town; the topics in the art seminar will vary from land art to recycled art as well as including the importance of the environment for people and the use of art in architecture; the art club evening will offer cross genre art happenings as well as offering a forum for continuing discussion.

The art exhibition in the Museum will be open until November and the works situated around town will be exhibited according to the time agreed with the artists. The Art Week highlights working together and encouraging different communities to participate in creating art and enjoying it.

In the forthcoming years ARS HÄME’s Art Week will be held in other towns in the Häme region, e.g. Hämeenlinna and Forssa.





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