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Lisa Torell
Smalgangen 20
0188 Oslo

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In short I am interested in what is experienced with what through. The society is the driving force. Systems and gaps. I am working with both public space and semi-public space and the relationship between place, language and identity in connection to systems, (singularity), conventions and logic and how to set these things in motion. To rattle, create gaps or focus on them that already exists there. Together with the audience. I use the inherent structures of places and specifics functions, both as a material to be used and a method to be developed. To be able to: sharpen the now, in the present and to create "new places".

The work is site/situation-specific and with; place, myself and audience as a material to push what is taken for granted. To create gaps contribute to a kind of ‘space appearance’ to quote Hanna Arendt (1968) that both reveals and points out. Where the gap amplifies both the movement as well as the relationship to one thing and the other. Thus, for me it is a metaphor describing something greater, not only the possibility to see, but also negotiate and be in the (in between-reflection of the temporary now). I am working with interaction/ Karen Barads: ‘intra-action’, I am working with our different roles/approaches as artists, as singular, as audience – where/when and how audience enacts as audience and where they not, spectators positions and audience participation in order to build a sense of us and a shared sense of responsibility in an environment or exhibition-space. Where we see, do and understand together.