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During the exhibition The Pavement, A Masterpiece. Lisa Torell conducts a parallell programme and project, which was initiated in connection to her artistic research and through the book Place to Place, 9 Artists Reflection about Site-specificity And Place-related Processes (2016-2017), where she enters into dialogue with other artists on practice and working methods. The first conversation took place between the current exhibitors at Marabouparken konsthall: Marika Troili, Mapping the Unjust City and Lisa Torell herself.

Thursday 21 March, 6–7pm, she has invited the Norwegian artist Liv Bugge to unfold the process of the piece To accept theirs, to make it mine, to wish it for myself (2016-2018). Bugge’s work was developed through a commission from KORO and took place in two high security prisons outside Oslo. Together with a group of inmates, Bugge has traced the architecture of the prison and has cast ca 80 marks of aggression and wear in bronze, and places them back onto the prison walls, unavailable for the general public.


Liv Bugge (b. 1974) is an artist living and working in Oslo, Norway. Through her work she aims to dissolve common narratives on past and present, fact and fiction. Currently she is a researcher at the Oslo Art Academy with the project The Other Wild. She studied at the Oslo Art Academy and HISK (Higher Institute of Art) in Belgium.

Liv Bugge  also runs the Oslo-based platform FRANK together with Sille Storable. FRANK was started as a way to raise art and critical discussion that centres around gender, desire and sexuality.

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Thanks to: Maria Mia Andersson and Karin Lavér for helping me + Elin Magnusson and Eva Arnqvist for photo.