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Camoflage - Terrors of Daily Life /
Kamouflerad vardagsterror


Isolated sentences of our everyday life and speech. There are many ways of how to cover up for ourselves in our culture and language, to hide and make camouflage layers,to be smotth tongued and oily. Printed texts in frames combined with a painted structure on the walls and floor.

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Kamouflerad vardagsterror Index Stockholm-03
Kamouflerad vardagsterror Galleri Wuthering Heights Malmö -04


English translation: William Jewson

Kamouflerad vardagsterror

In the upper gallery, Lisa Torell has produced a new work, "Kamouflerad vardagsterror" (Camoflage - Terrors of daily lifes), (2003), a series of fictive narratives presented as posters. These posters are further incorporated into a mural, designed to suit the upper gallery's character. In her text-based works, Lisa Torell comments on current behaviour, fragments from the present that we ourselves are part of and therefore, in equal parts, it is easy to accept, yet difficult to oversee and obtain a better understanding of. For example, work from her graduation show at Konstfack 2001, 'Mot en vackrare värld. -Vaddå emot?!' ('Meet a more beautiful world - what do you mean, you don't want to?!') works as a comment about labour market regulations in general, and the attitudes of the IT world in particular.

"Kamouflerad vardagsterror' constructs a series of episodic scenes where a subtle contempt for low-status work suddenly makes itself apparent. Lisa Torell went to art school in Umeå, 1996 - 1999 and Konstfack 1999 - 2001. Her work can currently be seen in the touring exhibition "Allt hör ihop" (Everything Belongs Together) at the Växsjö Arthall, as well as in the exhibition "Existens och Engagemang" (Existence and Engagement) at Cityhuset, Gubbängen.
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Are you going already? Got up early. Working in a hospital. Do you really need to be wide-awake for that? Surely you can do that sort of work in your sleep? Wiping bottoms. What a bloody job! I was only joking. Can't you see? I was joking, don't you understand irony?
Good God. You must see that I didn't mean it seriously. They both laugh and return yo discussing homelessness. I hate people who just take no notice of homeless people on the street. OK, OK, everyone doesn't have to buy their magazine but one can show them a little respect.

So you have gone and got a proper job? So you just need to get yourself a Safeways uniform. I mean so that you feel at home. Just joking. But make sure you don't fasten.
Now we can go to a real sort of a dive that I know just round here. Do you want to come? It's just of lorry driver and us there. It's a really cool place.

Poor you, working when everyone else is asleep. Now you've got something to do, anyway. Can't be much fun cleaning when everything gets messed up again. Young children at home. That's no joke. More washing up. You'll have plenty to do at any rate. Can't be much fun sitting here when people complain all the time. Not much of a job really, but it's just a temporary? It's a temporary job, surely. Isn't it? They smile and mumle someting inaudible.

Ska du redan gå hem?! Jaha, du ska gå upp tidigt. Jobba i vården. Ja, ja, men behöver man vara pigg för att göra det?! Sånt' jobb kan man väl typ göra i sömnen. Ha, ha! Torka bajs fy fan'. Men hallå, det var ett skämt. Fatta! Det var ett skämt, förstår inte du ironi?
Herregud, det är väl självklart att jag inte menade vad jag sa. Kille och tjej skrattar och återgår till att diskutera de hemlösas situation. -Jag hatar folk som bara nonchalerar de hemlösa på gatan. Okej, okej alla behöver ju inte köpa deras tidning och så, men man kan i allafall visa lite värdighet.

Mm hmmm... Så du har blivit en riktig knegare du. Ha, ha, då är det bara att skaffa sig samma outfit som de som sitter i kassan på Hemköp då. Jag menar bara så att du känner dig hemma. Ha, ha! Jag bara skämtar. men se till att du inte blir fast.
Nu ska vi dra vidare till ett riktigt schysst sunkhak som ligger här i närheten. Vill du hänga på? Det är bara lastbilschaffisar och vi typ, som hänger där. Skitbra ställe faktiskt.

Stackars dig, jobbar när alla sover. Oj, nu fick du lite till att göra he, he. Det kan inte vara kul att städa när det blir förstört hela tiden. Småbarn hemma med, oj, oj, det kan inte vara lätt. Mer disk, ja, ja nu får du lite att göra iallafall. Kan inte vara kul att sitta här när folk skäller hela tiden. Det är inget vidare jobb du har... Men det är ändå ett genomgångsjobb va?! Alltså ett tillfälligt jobb eller?! Nä, he... inte det. Kille och tjej ler och mumlar något ohörbart.