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The Pavement, a Masterpiece
25 Jan–28 Apr 2019


For the exhibition at Marabouparken I also made a completly new work, a sculpture edition where parts were placed outside the institution and other parts inside. I wanted to connect the both parts, the public space with the semi-public space but also to refer to the doings an artist does – through the notions of art and craft and the images that it might generates. I added a Readymade sculpture outside and a painted sculpture installation inside. Apart from that I furnished the whole exhibition with same type of chairs.

[Readymades+painted readymades+furnished readymades/chairs]


It consisted all in all of, 2 sandboxes, one painted and one original, one filled with sand and a spade to actually be able to be used, the other filled with a bit of sand and a spade but the cover is glued –and will never to be used, 11 plastic chairs (green, red and turquoise) whereof one was painted by hand in acryl a bit expressionistic plus three sun chairs in gray plastic and a title frame in metall outside the institution. Parts were located just outside the entrence, other parts above the stairs and the last parts downstairs in the big main space.

That part of the sculpture installation that was placed outside Marabouparken is now permanently located there.



The Pavement, A Masterpiece>



Curator: Maria Andersson/(Bettina Pehrson)
Text: Maria Andersson

FOR MORE THAN a decade, the artist Lisa Torell has focused her artistic practice on public and semi-public spaces, using a site-specific approach to enter into close dialogue with chosen places and situations. Through her presence, and in the presence of invited people or random passers-by, she creates contexts that expose and twist the structures and purposes of the locality. For Lisa Torell, every public space is specific and shaped by cultural and social, aesthetic and political circumstances. Aspects of the welfare state are scrutinised and the works reveal how care and attention, indifference and neglect are manifested materially in and through our urban and public spaces.

With a close examination on site, working day and night, Lisa Torell discovers signs of care and consideration, and a lack of the same. She is the body and the eye, making her discoveries simultaneously with the viewer. Bit by bit, society and systems are laid bare, in paving stones, detritus and imprints. Already outside the entrance to the exhibition, visitors encounter this care. The new work The Presence of Society, the Institution and the Artitsconsists of three readymades; two sand boxes and a chair. One of the sand-filled boxes stands outside, to assist on icy days. The other box and the chair, placed in the exhibition, have been thoroughly made over by the artist... continue reading >



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