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Opening performance to open my doctoral exhibition Potential of the gap att NNKM, Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum,Tromsø


A opening performance where I together with parts of the audience install my doctoral exhibition “Potential of the Gap” at Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum (The Art Museum in Tromsø) availible for the public. Which means that I am making all the transisitions little bit more visible for the audience through voice and site-specific actions. I am explaining my transition from private to official, their role as an audience, what definates both them and museum as well as art. I go through the overall structures for “seeing” and to the spectacle while I with a helping hand from the audience lights up the sculptures, places “to see but not touch-stickers” where they would, turns the title frames so they get readable and turns on the projectors until the whole exhibition is open. In short make the presence a bit more present for all of us. (20 min 12/1 2018)

For example: Johanna Gustafsson Fürst is helping me turning the white frames and makes them becoming title-frames. A audience stranger helps me with the stickers, after I have been making a “spray-fence” around the
In Situ Sculpture-Souvenir.

Material: Headset, speaker, chalkspray, stickers+audience assistance.

Asssistance: Johanna Gustafsson Fürst, Viktor Pedersen, Damla Kilickiran, Eric Andersson and Nicolas Horne.