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Ethnographic city walk / performance in the north part of Tromsø (Nordbyen); 30 -60 min. At: 05.00, 07.00 and 09.00. 29/9- 30/9 2017. About the history of the pavements, accessibility, urban-planning, function and its overall societal function.


Imagine that I could look at it as if it were outside of it, but I can’t—because it is now there. Society, individuals, people move with regard to visual and spatial codes. Many always do. It works against physical or political agreement. In some places their concentration is larger, the planning better, it is as if we are more in certain places and thus have several needs to function there. Otherwise there is no logic. It is more than deeply enshrined in one generation to the next. The image of an accessible society. Paintbrush, pastel, there was something cream-like in it and maybe a smoke generator. Above the really real. “Each tour takes about 30 minutes” (The actual walk only takes appr.10 minutes).”


KA NO / What Now? was a two-day festival in Tromsø 29-30 Sep 2017: Tromsø municipality in collaboration with Jan Liesegang /raumlabor and KORO. With the goal of opening a discussion about qualities and programs for future public spaces. Where do people meet in Nordbyen today? How do we imagine the future of Nordbyen? Which places are meaningful for the history of Tromsø? How can we recognize the history of the old town but avoid Disneyfication? What kind of programs can be introduced for kids and youngsters? A wide range of individuals, students, actors, artists, and initiatives are invited to contribute to the discourse about the future of Nordbyen. Artworks, installations, performances, guided tours, bathing, processions, speeches, and exhibitions were part of the program.


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Cameras: Viktor Pedersen, Gro Agnethe Stakke and Humle Rosenkvist.