Lisa Torell

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10 min performance at 01.20 in the night, at ReSite/Research Pavillion, Venice 2017

Invild Holm
Vincent Rougmagnat

Assistance: Geir Strøm and Edvine Larsen

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Background info:

The project reSite with artists Ingvild Holm, Edvine Larssen, Cecilie Semec, Lisa Torell, Brynjar Bandlien and Bjørnar Habbestad has been initiated on Monday, June 19th in the frame of the Research Pavilion in Venice. The artists covering and interweaving an ample scope of art fields are inquiring the city of Venice in its context of the Venice Biennial, reflecting on cultural power structures and artistic expression within. The project focuses on the core activity of artistic research being the process, an eventually resulting art work is considered more a contingency than a goal at this point. This underlines a critical awareness of the commodification of art, not by generally rejecting it but rather by using it as agency within contemporary art reflection.

The six artists within the Norwegian Artistic Research Program investigate and activate public space with various artistic means stretching from music over film into performance. The ongoing process of exploration through art practice is continuously made available to the public at the Research Pavilion on Giudecca during the workshop lasting from June 19th until June 26th. Every day the researching artists can be met in person at the pavilion between 15.00 and 18.00 to understand the current process of inquiry. The presence of the individual artists follows an open schedule subject to daily change.

Ellen Røed and Serge von Arx
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