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Slide-projector, digifrqame, photo copies and a text in Swedish, English and Greek on an A4 installed together with left chairs, stool and a standard lamp.

At the exhibition KRIS, AN ART ESSAY ON THE NOTION OF CRISIS at The Swedish Institute at Athens curated by Antonios Bogadakis with: Loukia Alavanou and Cecilia Järdema, Jesper Nortdahl, Carl Palm and Lisa Torell >

The Swedish Institute at Athens presents the exhibition "KRIS, an art essay on the notion of crisis".It is not to overlook the fact that the financial crisis in Greece is neither a temporary nor an endemic phenomenon - on the contrary it is rather an expression of the end of an era of blind certainties, and a phenomenon that goes beyond the cultural borders of modern Greece. The exhibition at the Swedish Institute at Athens aspires to make a contribution to an ongoing discussion not only about the causes of the outbreak of crisis but also about the role that politics play as a possible remedy for the crisis. The invitation to four Swedish artists to come to Greece and present their reflections and comments on the current difficult situation through art, thus becomes an opportunity to investigate and reflect on the perspective of the south/north divide as it has been created and widely disseminated by mass media. The notion of crisis as it has been applied to the Greek case, is not seen only as the outcome of an economic excess but also as the cause of dissociation at both political and social level that crosses the entire contemporary society. In a word, crisis is an indication, if not the culmination of an absence- the inevitability of a withdrawal. The exhibition "KRIS, an art essay on the notion of crisis" is an attempt to research the presuppositions of such an absence.

The exhibition is complemented by two separate discussions, one with the participating artists and the other with Aris Fioretos - writer and professor in Aesthetics, and Alexandra Deligiorgi - writer and professor in Philosophy, as guests.



vi höjde aldrig blicken
översatte aldrig ledigheten
såg aldrig ut över kanten

bilden var självklar
och kvar


en projektor
en digital bildram

Tack till Johanna Gustafsson Fürst med familj. Bilderna är från Parga 2010.



we never raised our sight
didn't translate spare time
never looked out over the edge

the image was obvious
and stayed put,


and one projector
one digiframe

Thanks to Johanna Gustafsson Fürst with family. The pictures are from Parga 2010.



ποτ? δεν υψ?σαμε τη ματι? μας
ποτ? δεν μεταφρ?σαμε τον ελε?θερο χρ?νο
ποτ? δεν κοιτ?ξαμε π?ρα απ? την ?κρια
η εικ?να ?ταν αυτον?ητη
και παραμ?νουσα

εν γν?σει

φωτογραφικ? αντ?γραφα
?νας προβολ?ας
μια ψηφιακ? οθ?νη

Ευχαριστ?ες στην Johanna Gustafson Fürst και την οικογ?νεια της. Οι φωτογραφ?ες τραβ?χτηκαν στην Π?ργα το 2010.


Translations: Angela Dimitrakaki and Carl Palm







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