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KKA presents:
"invisible transfer of signals
(for ioana neme?)"

It can be lonelly trying to share something
Poster 70 x 100 cm + pages

Apparatus 22 (RO) | Irina Bujor (DE) | KILOBASE BUCHAREST (RO) | Hans Leonard Krupp (stateless) | Olah Gyarfas (RO) | Carl & Pontus Olsson (SE) | Falke Pisano (NL) | Rochi?e (RO)| Sillyconductor (RO) | Lisa Torell (SE).

curator: Drago? Olea (RO) | exhibition design: Liste Noire (RO)

The exhibition, as the first part of a series outlining less known aspects of Ioana Neme?' oeuvre, is attempting to shape a non-inertial reference frame on the breadth of cross-disciplinary collaborative work late Romanian artist (1979 - 2011) contributed to as well as on her exchange of creative energies with like-minded artists.
In parallel with her individual practice she engaged in collective work (whose main feature is the renouncement of personal authorship): from two art collectives initiated in 2010, namely Apparatus 22 and the nomadic gallery KILOBASE BUCHAREST to progressive fashion label Rozalb de Mura (2006-2010) and interior & exhibition design duo Liste Noire (since 2006). Furthermore, she contributed to the work of artists from various disciplines or commissioned artists for her projects, encouraged emerging ones – Sillyconductor, Hans Leonard Krupp, Carl & Pontus Olsson, Irina Bujor, and carried a consistent correspondence of shared ideas and experiences with artists Lisa Torell and Falke Pisano.
Rather than showing the intellectual and aesthetic results of these encounters, the exhibition is built around Ioana's presence as emotional and spiritual energy – the reason for bringing together a selection of recent and new works from the invited artists.

The intricate constellations of this invisible transfer of signals unfold in widely different forms of expression and media. Each of the works in the exhibition is sharing a common reference, approach or interest with the system of important themes in the research and work of Ioana Neme?: eluding the strict lines between fiction an reality, challenging the logic of the art market, employing strategies of appropriation and the means of fictive artistic authorship, using a processual approach and the contextual flow as tools to feed an art practice, negotiating public understanding for gender topics, attempts and failures to capture, analyze and understand time and its generous narratives, the obsessive fascination with language, with the critical potential of fashion and clothing, with animism, with passing rituals and genuine Romanian folklore etc.

The access code of this exhibition is the present time.


Exhibition will be open between April 19 – june 06, 2012
Tue., Wed., Fri. 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., Thur. 2 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and by appointment, tel.: 01 5238765-43

Location: Galerie ArtPoint at KulturKontakt Austria Universitätsstraße 5, 1010 Vienna
map: here

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