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CM BY CM, METRE BY METRE, KM BY KM presentation at REX Cultural Center Belgrade 24/10, conected to the residency at BLOCK 70 (20121010-20121110)>

Presentation of the artworks of Lisa Torell and talk with the artist In conversation with the artist - independent curator and art historian Jelena Vesi? Introduction by Vladan Jeremi? 24th of October 2012 at 7pm Cultural Center REX, Jevrejska 16, Belgrade

Lisa Torell lives and works in Sweden and Norway. She participates regularly in exhibitions and publications national and abroad. Among other places her works have been seen at Konsthall C, Index and The National Museum (Sweden), TSSK (Norway) and A-prior magazine (Belgium). Currently she is part of the touring show Ta plats 2010-2013, (Sweden), is working on a self-organized project in Hagsätra with the artist Eva Arnqvist and an exhibition at SiA(Athens). In parallel to her own practice she teaches and is the chairman of INDEX, Stockholm.

Public sphere, cultural expressions or statements, individual manifestations or national representations and identity - what is reflected and what emerges? How and why? Culture is constructed and society mirrored. She is investigating society and culture by looking at what is there to see and how and what is evaluated from the outside. She tries to find out what it is that shapes our way of seeing and understanding and how she can affect or change that in some direction.

There are of course several factors that influence us and move us to understand things in a certain way, but amongst all these factors, place, language and identity stand out as three basic elements on which our interpretations are founded or depart from. Why her work is based on these three parameters and the result often appears in different kind of text and site-specific installations where the context is taking cared of or problematized or highlighted in a certain way.

This event is organized as a cooperation of Biro Beograd and Cultural Center REX as part of BLOK 70 - residency project of Biro Belgrade, which was recently started as the first residency in New Belgrade on New Belgrade for artists, theorists and activists. First resident this year was photographer from Copenhagen Alen Aligrudi?. Lisa Torell's residency is supported as well by IASPIS - Swedish Arts Grants Committee's International Program supporting international exchange for practitioners in the areas of visual art, design, craft and architecture.






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